Beware of the rod and run drain cleaning companies. They show up, and get the drain to flow, grab the money and go. Rule of thumb- If they don’t use a camera, don’t hire them. Clog Assassins use a scope on all drain cleaning weapons, giving them lethal accuracy.

All Clog Squad’s Clog Assassins use sewer cameras to scope pipes and hunt down the clog and eliminate them. We eliminate clogs with surgical precision because we use a camera inside your pipes. Drains back up because there is a problem with them. Some pipes are just old, rough and falling apart and tree roots are infiltrating through breaks. Other lines are smashed by the directional boring of gas, electric and fiber optic lines. Then there are the pipes that are installed wrong or get damaged during construction.

Never buy a house before putting a scope in the lines and having the video evidence inspected by an Official Drain Detective.

The majority of people discover that there sewer line was bad after they have a flooded basement. Which could have been avoided for a couple hundred dollar sewer inspection.




Don’t let your Thanksgiving dinner be ruined by a troubled kitchen sink drain that doesn’t know how to behave when company is over. Our Clog Assassin will put a scope on the problem and keep the clog from destroying Christmas dinner.


A Camera Inspection by a Drain Detective now could save you tens of thousands of dollars later when you have to dig up the driveway and road to replace a bad sewer. You don’t have to be that guy; hire a Clog Squad Drain Detective.


Looking for a pipe and need to know where it is and how deep? More than likely not, until there is a problem and someone needs to dig it up. Clog Squad can locate your pipes.



We developed Clog Squad Academy to help close the skills gap by teaching the specialized skills for the next plumbing boom, repairing and replacing our failing sewer infrastructure. According to the EPA $271 billion will be needed over the next five years to repair or replace the wastewater infrastructure that is falling apart.

The USA’s plumbing infrastructure is degrading at such a fast rate, and the workforce is diminishing so quickly that there is no feasible way to keep up without drastically changing the way we are doing it now.

Since we can not rely on hiring enough people to do the work, we have to keep developing new tools and teaching innovative ways to keep up with an ever-growing need.

Learning these much need skills will increase your income 2 to 3 times what you are earning currently.

Clog Squad Academy is here to help you succeed in your new drain cleaning and relining business.


What Our Client Says

Hans C
Hans C
They took care of us in July. I called in the morning and they came in the early afternoon. They were very thorough. Very personable and knowledgeable staff. 1 person had 3 years and another was over 10 years experience.
Fern the Bus Ben & Mande
Fern the Bus Ben & Mande
Rick helped us out with a plumbing issue and we couldn’t have been more happy with the results. He was kind, knowledgeable and professional. The work area was kept very clean despite it being a messy job. Clog Squad really helped us out and got our plumbing back in working order quickly!
Hayden Vachon
Hayden Vachon
We thought we had root damage or a collapsed pipe in our basement. Mark came in an identified an object lodged in the main. He was able to clear it, as well as bore out the entire main to the street sewer line. I was not able to be there but he gave me a detailed account of what he found and how he fixed it over the phone. My wife said he was incredibly polite and professional. He was also awesome with our pups. I will definitely use them in the future and highly recommend that you do the same.
Vivian Branderhorst
Vivian Branderhorst
Had an issue with water flow to our septic on a Sunday. Jim was here within a few hours. We had many roots in our pipe. Over 4 visits, pipes were cleared of all roots, cleaned and a liner put in. Everyone who was here was professional, friendly and courteous. The new liner system they have is amazing. This saved us thousands of dollars versus putting in new pipes. Would highly recommend!!
Tyler Cleveland
Tyler Cleveland
Jim was awesome. Called clog squad this evening around 4:45 and through some communication with Jim he came out around 7:30 and even with being late in the night he worked through till the job was done. Also a very knowledgeable guy, and explained things in a very easy to understand way. Thanks a lot Jim and the rest of the Clog squad team.
David Vanderhooft
David Vanderhooft
Had a horrible plug in a shower drain. I called approximately 9:30 am, and they were at my house by 1:30 pm. The price was fair as well. Very happy!
Terry Van Antwerp
Terry Van Antwerp
FAST AND FRIENDLY!!! We had some major plumbing issues at work. These guy dropped everything and rushed right over! 20 minutes later they had us all fix up! They even had a camera to show us the broken pipe. Made thing so easy! Thanks guys!!
Darren Covell
Darren Covell
Jim was very knowledgeable and friendly. He was very thorough and explained everything to us. We would highly recommend him.
Hadley 75
Hadley 75
I sent Clog Squad a FB message on a Sunday and heard back in less than 2 hours. They were at my house before noon the very next day! We've had our drain line cleaned out several times before, but no one was able to come out so quickly. The guys were great, very professional and informative. I also received a quote to have my pipe repaired from root damage. The quote was thousands less than a previous quote from another company. Yes, thousands! I would recommend Clog Squad to anyone and everyone. Thank you guys!




Free Camera Inspection with Cleaning.


Complete Removal of Blockages.


Free Estimate on Permanent Solution.


Longest Warranty in the Business.